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Welcome to

Let us answer your questions

about the Catholic faith.

Popular Links

Find Mass, Confession or Eucharistic Adoration Anywhere is the United States :

Q:  What should we do with the left-over babies?
    A: "In-Vitro Fertilization and Stem-Cell Research" -- Information Letter to U.S. Senator.

Q:  Looking for in-depth online religious research tools?
    A: Research Resources Link Page

Q:  Is J.R.R Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" a Catholic Novel?
    A: "The Lord of the Rings -- A Catholic Epic" on

New Links
Q:  What elements of the Lord of the Rings are particularly Catholic?
    A: "Catholicism in the Lord of the Rings" on 

Q:  Does J.R.R. Tolkien define and demonstrate evil from a uniquely Catholic perspective in the Lord of the Rings?

    A: "10 Uncommon Insights on Evil from the Lord of the Rings": by Peter Kreeft at  (the fourth group down on the page.)

Q:  Can the Church lack a Pope for an extended period of time?
   A: "A Refutation of the Heresy of Sedevacantism" by I. Shawn McElhinney at 
                Matt's Catholic Apologetics Page .

A Pro-Abortion Challenge Answered:
"Artificial Insemination and In-Vitro Fertilization" -- Web Site E-mail Dialogue by Abercius24

Q:  How do the new Luminous Mysteries (the Mysteries of Light) of the Rosary demonstrate the power and mysticism of the Sacraments from the Scriptures?
    A: "A Sacramental Meditation on the Luminous Mysteries" by Steve S. on

Q:  What elements of the Lord of the Rings are particularly Catholic?
  A: "Faith and Fantasy" by Steven D. Greydanus at

Q:  Is justification before God an instantaneous declaration or a life-long process?
  A: "The Justifications of Abraham" by James Akin at

Remarks from the Hosts

As you can see we've made a few upgrades in our site's look. We hope they are to your liking. God bless you and please continue to pray for the ministry!

With Christ's Blessings,
Steve S. (Abercius24)

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