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Research Resources
Note:  Protestant and secular sources are used where the lack of Catholic sources exist on the Internet.  We do not recommend any pages or commentaries that stem from non-Catholic sources.  We only recommend using the particular tools listed below from those sources.

Various Translations/Versions of Historical Sacred Texts
  (Latin Vulgate, Luther's Bible, Torah, Koran, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc):
     "The Latin Vulgate and other Bible Web Sites" at The Gregorian Chant Home Page.
    "The New American Bible" at U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Web Site .
"Septuagint Greek Old Testament" (most books; no translation) at

Bible Passage or Word Seach Engine (Multiple Protestant Translations):
    The Bible Gateway at (Protestant Source)

Catechism of the Catholic Church Search Engine:
    "Catechism of the Catholic Church Search Engine" at

The Code of Canon Law Online Indeces:
    Code of Canon Law 1983 (The Laws of the Roman Catholic Church) at
    Code of Canons of the Oriental (Eastern) Churches 1990 at
       (Secular Source)

Official Vatican Regulations for the Roman Catholic Mass (the GIRM):
      General Instructions of the Roman Missal 2003 at

       The General Instruction of the Roman Missal 1975 at .

Various Church Documents:
     "EWTN Document Library" at
     "The Summa Theologica" by St. Thomas Aquinas at
    "Commonly Referenced Church Documents"

The Early Church Fathers:
    "The Fathers of the Church" at
    "Early Church Fathers v.2.0" at Christian Classics Ethereal Library   (Protestant Source)

Classic Protestant and Catholic Documents:
     "Classics" at Christian Classics Ethereal Library   (Protestant Source)

Other Historical Texts:
    "The Internet Classics Archive" at Web Atomics

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries:
    "The Catholic Encyclopedia" at
    "Easton's Bible Dictionary" at Christian Classics Ethereal Library   (Protestant Source)

Greek, Hebrew and Latin Dictionaries and Lexicons:
     The Perseus Project Greek and Latin Dictionaries and Greek Lexicon
     "The New Testament Greek Lexicon" at   (Protestant Source)
     "KJV Bible with Strong's Definitions" (Hebrew and Greek) at (Protestant Source)
     "The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon" at   (Protestant Source)

    "Septuagint Greek Old Testament" (most books; no translation) at

Learning New Testament Greek:
     "Learning New Testament Greek" at   (Protestant Source)

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